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Fimar mermer

To aim for the highest quality of services and manufacturing in order to provide the best products and services to our customers; always prioritize customer satisfaction; make use of the advanced technologies and manufacturing methods; contribute to our employees, society and the national economy in line our social responsibility.

Corporate Policy

As the FIMAR MERMER MADENCILIK A.S quarry and factory operations, in line with our dedication to the needs of the society, environment, customers and quality, we are committed to acting in strict compliance with the laws and regulations in our all operations, using the most environment-friendly materials and technologies, and utilising resources in the most efficient mannerin order to prevent unconscious consumption and the loss of resources and the national wealth.

Quality Policy

It is our quality policy to prevent workplace accidents by making use of the advanced occupational safety technologies; perform defect-free production in parallel with the demands and expectations of customers; provide regular trainings to the employees in order to ensure their effective participation in the Integrated Management System; and to act on the basis of continuous improvement in our products and production activities.

What is Marble?

In general, marble is a kind of stone that is formed when limestone (CaCO3) and dolomitic limestone (CaMg(CO3)2) metamorphose under heat and pressure and gain a new structure through recrystallization afterwards. However, in the industrial sense, all types of rocks that can be cut and polished and offer commercial value are considered “marble”. From the point of petrography, marble is a mosaic in which solid and uniform-sized (depending on the way how the metamorphosis took place) calcite crystals are aligned without any space between them. Basically, marble is a hard rock that is formed as a result of the metamorphosis of limestone. This basis metamorphosis takes place at quitedeep levels, under the effects of high pressure and heat. The limestone that constitutes the basis of marble is formed by calcite crystals. Calcite is formed in consequence of the metamorphosis of calcareous rocks and the sediments at karstic zones. Marble is formed when those calcite crystals are pressurized. Since pressure and heat removes the spaces between crystals, a new structure harder than limestone is formed.



Fimar Mermer Maden A.S. was founded by Mehmet Emmioğlu, İbrahim Emmioğlu and Ahmet Emmioğlu brothers in Sivas province of Turkey, in 1986. After the initial operations carried out at the workshop level, factory and quarry operations were gradually started up with significant investments made in subsequent years. Factory-scale manufacturing activities of the company were first started with the Sivas Fimar Marble facility, while the place of establishment of the first quarry operations was Amasya province. High quality and value of the marble extracted in the Amasya quarry has contributed to the fast growth of Fimar Yapi both in local and international markets. In line with the target to increase its market share, Fimar Yapi established the Fimar Marble Amasya factory as a first of its kind in Turkey. Comprehensive researches for new quarry sites around the country resulted in the exploration of the Diana Rose rock in Karaman province and the Cremera rock in Erdemli district of Mersin province, which have become important products for the Turkish and international markets.

Fimar Holding

Fimar Marble

We are able to serve globally with the state-of-the-art production line we operate.

Fimar life Hotel

A special point of rest for you and your family with the matchless thermal waters and unique nature of Amasya province.

Oil and Energy

We fulfil the needs of consumers in cooperation with private and public enterprises.


We are proud of introducing flavour and health thanks to organic production.

Agriculture and Stockbreeding

In addition to the production of forage crops on fields owned by the company, we perform contract farming activities with many local farmers.

Real Property and Construction

We realize expectations with functional projects that combine aesthetics and luxury.

Fimar A.Ş

Fimar Mermer A.Ş. as well as its quarries and factories all over the world. It has been the first exporting company in the Sivas province borders and has succeeded to be among the first in Turkey. Fimar is constantly expanding its target by constantly renewing its place in the market with Macedonian Stove, which adds to its global market.Fimar 2016 is constantly expanding its targets by continually renewing its place in the market with its Macedonian Ocağı.

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